Relief from chronic complex conditions

How to take control of your health when traditional medicine has failed

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At Active Health, we take muti-modal approach to optimize your recovery from chronic complex conditions. 

Dr. Rob Davis Fort Myers, Florida

Our specialties.


Knee Pain

Frozen Shoulder

Leaky Gut

Memory Loss

Tech Neck

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Breaking The Cycle covers the 7 key areas of health.  These seven keys can either foster wellness and longevity or create debilitating chronic health problems because each of these keys either adds to our health or actively takes away and destroys our health. Learn to take control of your health for a life free of chronic health problems.

Our Goal Is To Optimize Your Recovery By Addressing The Cause of Your Symptoms.

The Protocol is the Patient. When it comes to chronic complex conditions, there is no one cause, one cure. Each patient that comes into our clinic has their own unique set of circumstances. We leave no stone unturned. In our discovery process, we take a multi-modal approach to create an individualized care plan that will optimize your recovery.

Many of the chronic conditions we have success with are degenerative knee pain, neuropathy, tech neck pain, frozen shoulders and those suffering with leaky gut syndrome, memory and cognitive decline.

What Our Patients Say

I am so glad I found Dr Davis @ Active Health. I’m being treated for my knee and neuropathy: my results are incredible. When I first came to see Dr Davis, I could not walk stairs, after my first procedure, I could instantly walk up and down stairs tandomly. I would highly recommend Dr Davis and his team to get you back to living your best pain free life! My health and outlook for the future are bright & sunny again.
-Kathy Andrey
I have been suffering with bad knees for over 7 years. I didn’t want surgery . I was sceptical, all I can say is Wow I can’t believe that suffering for 7 years in 1 treatment my pain is gone!!! Wish I would have done this years ago!
-Kim Fulcher
Dr. Davis and staff are God sent. I did not know that there is alternative treatment for my peripheral neuropathy. I was going down fast and can’t walk straight, but because of Dr.
Davis, it’s like miracles. Both of my legs are no longer swollen and my legs are back to normal. With his treatment and nutrition I feel vibrant again. Love you Dr. Davis n staff.
-DG Moore

A Story From One of Our Patients

We first saw Joyce about a year ago because she was experiencing Neuropathy Pain. Before seeing us she was not even able to carry one or two items at the grocery store, struggled to dress herself etc. But after seeing Active Health she now reports that she feels so much better and can do all the things she used to do like grocery shop and play golf!

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The 3 steps to better health.

Step 1

Schedule a Consultation

To begin the recovery journey, contact us today to schedule a consultation in our office.

Afterward, we will be able to tell you if we are the right fit for you and your health needs or not.

Step 2

Health Exam

We give all new patients an exam. Oftentimes, people know they are in pain but are not sure of the cause. We find the root of the problem.

We do not want to put a bandaid on the problem but instead, fix it permanently.

Step 3

Treatment Plan

We go over the results of the exam and put together a custom plan designed for you.

You are then on your way to optimal health!