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Reduce Pain, Improve Mobility, Do More With Less Pain

Our breakthrough procedures for knee pain are NON-SURGICAL and specifically designed for people with:

✅ Chronic Knee Pain
✅ “Bone on bone” knee pain
✅ Knee pain after failed injections (steroid, rooster comb, prp, etc.)
✅ Pain from knee arthritis
✅ “Popping and Cracking” knees

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Dr. Davis’ Patients Are Raving About:

For the past 15 years, Vicky has suffered from severe knee pain that poorly affected her quality of life. After her non-surgical knee treatment at Active Health, she found knee pain relief. She can even walk up and down the stairs again!

David was having pain walking down the stairs and squatting. After just ONE non-surgical knee treatment he has no pain when performing those same movements!

Before Barbara began treatment her pain was at a 7 out of 10. After her knee treatment at Active Health, her pain level is only a 3 out of 10! She has no more pain when walking and going up the stairs is much easier!
Maggie’s pain goes down from a 5 to a 0 after her treatment at Active Health! Going down the stairs used to be painful for her, but now she can do it with no pain!

Overtime Laura’s knee pain was getting worse. It was hard for her to up and down the staris without pain. After her first treatment Laura experienced the difference, for the first time in years she had no knee pain, even going up and down the stairs.

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benefits of spinal decompression at fortmyers active health team

My name is Dr. Robert Davis, and my team of highly trained healthcare clinicians and I offer a NEW, Non-Invasive and Non-Surgical neuropathy protocol that combines the best of cutting edge medical treatments to not only help reduce pain in but also reverse damage in some cases!

I have developed a 100% HOLISTIC, Medication Free, and surgery free alternative in Fort Myers.

I specialize in helping those with knee pain and those suffereing from neuropathy.

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Is Our Neuropathy Program Right For You?

Our clinically proven protocol has given Fort Myers Peripheral Neuropathy pain sufferers relief.

Neuropathy Symptoms I Treat:

Diabetic nerve pain
Sharp, electric-like pain
Difficulty sleeping from leg or foot discomfort
Burning or tingling
Muscle weakness
Sensitivity to touch
Pain when walking

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