What is Intersegmental Traction?

Intersegmental traction table is used for patients with spinal stenosis. This table helps in gently re-establishing the normal ranges of the body’s spine. Intersegmental traction table helps in relaxing the muscles, stretching the vertebrae and reducing the muscle spasms. Using the Intersegmental traction table promotes the recovery and healing process from a back injury. The intersegmental traction allows changing the contact pressure of the roller electrically. Intersegmental traction tables are very beneficial in providing relaxation to a patient and are very useful devices for any patient with spinal stenosis and associated leg, knee and foot symptoms.

Spinal discs receive nutrients from the fluid circulation upon spinal joint movements. Joint misalignment in the spine hinders this action from occurring and causes thinning and degeneration of the discs. Intersegmental traction/roller table works by creating passive motion that causes mild stretching of the spinal joints and improves mobility. Intersegmental traction table functions by mobilizing the spinal column while at the same time gently stretching the muscles and ligaments.

Benefits of Intersegmental Traction:

  • The intersegmental traction table gently elongates the postural muscles of the spine in a comfortable and uniform manner so that the normal joint movement, mobility, and circulation are restored. The patient lies supine or face-up on the table which has rollers beneath the surface. These rollers slowly move up and down the length of the spine.
  • The roller table has many adjustments that can be done depending upon the patient’s comfort. The height of the rollers can be increased or decreased for greater or lesser pressure.
  • There is a vibrating feature that may be activated which causes the rollers to give a massage effect. Many patients find this extremely relaxing and beneficial. Intersegmental traction table helps in increasing blood flow and oxygen to discs, ligaments, and muscles thus enhancing balance, mobility, and strength. It also helps in restoring the correct spinal curves and increases the circulation of the cerebrospinal fluid.
  • The intersegmental traction table helps in re-establishing the normal range of motion of the spine in a very gentle and effective manner. It also aids in reducing the muscle spasms thus providing relaxation to the muscles.

*The intersegmental traction table can treat bodies of all sizes, shapes, and weights.