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Memory Loss Isn’t Happening Because You’re Just “Getting Old.”

Many times people believe their memory is in decline because of age. This is untrue. Memory loss happens for a number of reasons that are not impacted by age. Studies have found that memory loss in general may be the cause of a deeper issue. At Active Health in Fort Myers, we help you uncover those issues to improve overall memory function.

Many Patients Come To Us When They Have Tried Everything And Still Can’t Find Relief!

Memory loss isn’t going to be the same for everyone, At Active Health in Fort Myers, FL we understand this. When you come to us, we create a custom memory loss plan based on your specific issues. We ARE NOT a ” Talk to your doc for 5 mins and here’s your pill clinic”.

We take our time with you to listen to all of your health concerns. In doing this, can acheive the best result for your health leaving no stone unturned.

Dr. Rob Davis Fort Myers, Florida

Common Memory Loss Issues…

Forgetting Normal Tasks




Mood Changes


Forgetting where you are


Speach Problems


Crohn’s Poor Judgment


Get To The Root Cause Of Your Discomfort

Our treatment gets to the root cause of your memory loss and allows your body to truly heal.

● No More Over the Counter Drugs or Deadly Opioids

● Stop Missing out on what you love doing because of memory issues

Gut Health and The Brain

The gut is often considered the “second brain”
because of gut health’s importance to your
overall health and your brain. Assessments are
done to determine whether there are any food
intolerances—especially to gluten—and to identify
gut conditions such as leaky gut syndrome,
inflammatory bowels, SIBO, and other digestive

How much is treatment?

Every individual’s body is unique, and as such, we refrain from generalizing our treatment programs. Our consultation process is designed to provide an understanding of your specific conditions, including a clear insight into the associated costs. Treatment prices vary depending on the severity of your issues.

Do you take insurance?

TODAY Most people understand that insurance pays for standard of care or bare minimum care. Most people also understand that in order to get exceptional care one needs to sometimes work out of their network. Dr. Davis bases his care plans on what is best for the patient not on what is best for the insurance and or pharmaceutical companies.

While insurance may not extend coverage to your care plan, we offer budget-friendly care alternatives to ensure accessibility and affordability for your treatment.

How long is the consultation?

Our consultations typically last 45 minutes but can last longer. We prioritize ensuring you never feel rushed, aiming to provide you with comprehensive information concerning your health needs.