Frozen Shoulder Relief

Without Medication or surgery

What is Frozen Shoulder?

Frozen shoulder is stiffness, sometimes inflammation in the shoulder. This can be very painful and can make everyday tasks almost impossible. If left untreated, in some cases, Frozen Shoulder can last years!

Dr. Davis specializes in shoulder problems in the Fort Myers area in Florida.

Solutions For Frozen Shoulder

How we help Frozen Shoulder.

Our Non-Invasive, No-Drug Frozen Shoulder solution combines The Trigenics® NON-SURGICAL Operation with Pulsed Frequency Therapy (PEMF), Inter-segmented Traction, Rebuilder Nerve Pacer, and Anti-inflammatory Nutrition.

This integrated approach resets the communication between the brain and the body which instantly decreases pain and inflammation, assists in tissue healing and increases strength and flexibility. Satisfaction Guaranteed!

See Results In The First Day!

Watch how these patients were able to find results in the first day of begining our Frozen Shoulder Program!